We are US Hemp Authority Certified! What does this mean?

With our new certification from the US Hemp Authority, created in 2019 as a result of lack of consistency and regulation on hemp products, American Shaman of Keller is now in an elite group of CBD companies that passed the rigourous certification process.The certifaction process requires manufacturers and growers to be thouroughly inspected from the moment a hemp seed is planted to the moment the oil is bottled. This certifcation sets American Shaman of Keller apart from the fly-by-night hemp oil companies who have been looking to simply take advantage of peak market trends.

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American Shaman products are changing color due to an upgrade in quality of our oil

We have been starting to get questions from franchise owners and customers about the color of our products. We are issuing an official memo that is from our in house chemists and is approved by our CEO Vince Sanders.

The basics of the change are that you and customers will notice changes in the color of our products.

American Shaman will be using hemp grown by our American Shaman farm located in Montana. The new oil being used in the formulations is also sourced from our extraction facility located on the same property as our hemp farm.

The oil used in future formulations is of a higher purity than the oil used in previous batch formulations. The higher purity of the oil resulted in a lighter color (amber/honey) of the oil. This will change the overall color of all the products being produced by American Shaman. The result of the color is from the filtering process, which removes higher content of the chlorophyll from the plant material. The extraction of the oil is performed using wiped film distillation.

The oil has been tested for the following parameters: Cannabinoid profile, Terpenes, Residual Solvents, Mycotoxins, Heavy Metals, and Pesticides.

All parameters passed for the specifications listed above. Which enabled our team to move forward with lab batch testing.

American Shaman continuously provides the best products possible for all of our customers and wants everyone affiliated with American Shaman to be well informed of the changes that are going to occur over the next couple of months. We hope the transition will be as smooth as possible.